Gini is an iPad app designed to clarify and manage the process of innovation and creativity. It’s about improving the quality of ideas.

With a unique interface that visually maps the strengths and weaknesses of an idea or concept, Gini provides a methodology that provokes deeper thinking and creative engagement.

About Gini


The Gini Way

Gini streamlines how we generate and explore challenging enterprises and initiatives; be that a new business venture, a creative campaign, a new product design, or simply to polish a spark of inspiration. It’s a place to arrange your thoughts, try variations on ideas, experiment.

But Gini’s not just about making game changing breakthroughs. It’s also about raising the standard of existing products and services, making improvements, mapping and anticipating future problems and opportunities, pushing beyond the ordinary towards extraordinary.

Getting Started

Coming up with cool concepts is the easy part. Making them work is harder. Successful ideas are a combination of qualities. Solutions that answer specific needs and problems. Challenges need to be set; how do you make your concept relevant to your audience, increase its competitiveness, how will you build awareness, create sustainable and profitable revenue streams?


Library of Templates

To kickstart the creative process Gini provides a library of templates – modules that describe the building blocks of a great idea. These start up templates cover a range of different sectors – from setting up a bar or designing a new product, to creating a website or building a smart phone app.

Though these blueprints are designed to inspire they don’t have to be slavishly followed. In the ‘Objectives Screen’ the parameters can be changed to suit the specific challenges of your project. This ground plan becomes a framework to populate with your own thinking and ideas.

The Ideas Screen – A Place to Experiment

The ideas screen is where the real thinking starts. Challenges laid down in the previous screen act as prompts to suggest potential solutions and answers.

It’s a place to experiment – to evaluate and try different iterations of the same concept. Very soon the obstacles to success become apparent; where are the “pain points” that need to be overcome to discover a true competitive advantage.

Successful solutions ‘inflate’ the idea. The collective strength of these answers also contributes to an overall score.

Once solutions have been found for each challenge, the finished concept can be shared with others – either as a Gini project, text or exported as a PDF.

Examples of previously successful projects and business models can be checked out in the case studies screen.


Seeing the Bigger Picture

A further consideration was to provide a ‘Global View’ of all the projects one is working on. This interface offers a competitive view of all your ideas making it easy to identify their strengths and weaknesses. It can also be used to compare projects that are working to a similar brief.

The Gini Advantage

Whereas most productivity apps are built to organise tasks and jobs, Gini’s mission is to generate ideas. By nature it needed an interface that suited a visuospatial thought process rather than a ‘list view’. We don’t think ideas should be fixed. They have a dynamic. They evolve over time, develop, spur breakthroughs, become catalysts for more radical thinking. They change.

Of course Gini won’t suit everyone. Neither is it designed to. Some people will always work with pen and paper, others will prefer the theatre of group-think and brainstorming. But we’re confident that for those with creative and inventive minds, attuned to visual processes, Gini will provide a salient advantage in the ever more competitive game that is ideas and innovation.

A discipline that is challenging, but one that is also fun.


“It’s a ‘radar’, a ‘heads-up display’, a 360 view of all the essential components of a great idea and how they interact”

Gini is an iPad app designed to help innovators, creatives and entrepreneurs originate and prefect ideas.

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